I was born in a Mormon family of six children. My family was very active in the church growing up and I can't forget a Sunday where we weren't at church. I grew up in a creative household of writers and artists. My mother was a Mormon historian and published an article in the New Era, a popular Mormon magazine. My twin is a successful short story writer who has published over the internet and in zines. My brother makes his living with grants and helps out with community murals.
I was influenced to be an artist with seeing my brother draw around the house. I started drawing when I was twelve but I didn't take art seriously until I was 17, when I realized a fascination for caricature, and later painting thing big.
Now I spend five to six days a week at Warehouse 1005, an art studio and gallery in the Phoenix art district. I am able to talk about my mental illness and cope with my symptoms through my art

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