Friday, June 3, 2011

My Mother and the Million Faces of Me, Acrylic on Board 38 X 46

This is another painting of me with a thousand faces. The multiple faces represent the anxiety and chaos of my emotions. Also it has been said that grief wears a lot of disguises. My mother is in the middle.

Mother facing me, Acrylic on Board 38X46

   This is a picture where I am face to face with my mother. I always wondered if she were still alive what would I talk with my mother about. The three heads of me represent my anxiety and emotions. The line markings in the back represent the chaos of my feelings.

Rising from the Ashes, Acrylic on board 38x46

There was a brief point in my life where I felt I had battled all my demons. It was a beautiful and brief time. But I am happy that I find peace even for a while.

Me in the Jungle, Acrylic on board 38X46

   Sometimes I feel like a madman walking through a nightmarish forest. I am currently trying to play with the idea of faces as landscape elements. So the faces are stuck on the bodies of trees. The backgrounds squiggles represent the chaos of the forest..

Mom and Me at Montemuza Castle, Acrylic on board 38X46

    Before my mom died my family and I went to Montemuza's Castle. I remember this as the last road trip we all held together. In the back is a very abstract version of Montemuza's Castle. I felt like Montemuza's Castle in itself was an eerie final road trip. We were visited an old ancient building, and there was my mom who was soon to be a memory of the past. In front of the monument is my mother. On the side is three versions of my self screaming.