Monday, December 19, 2011

New Paintings Part 1

Faces Mounding 38X46 Acrylic on Board
The Greenish Stare 46 X38 Acrylic on Board

I have one more new painting I will upload tomorrow or in a couple of days.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Madness Ahead, my show at PSA Art Awakenings, Phoenix AZ

Menacing Glare 48 X 48 Acrylic on board

Ceramic and drawing table

Dinner with the Shelleys 38 X36 Acrylic on board
My solo show went fantastic. The layout and presentation was great. I am very happy at my stay at Art Awakenings. I grew a lot as a person and an artist. The fellow artists and staff have been excellent and inspiring to me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bright Giant, Acrylic on Board

Bright Giant, Acrylic on board 38X46

Giant Among the Peoples, Acrylic on Board 38X46

Juggling Giant, Acrylic on board
46 X38
Floating Ghosts, Acrylic on Board
38 X46

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Mother and the Million Faces of Me, Acrylic on Board 38 X 46

This is another painting of me with a thousand faces. The multiple faces represent the anxiety and chaos of my emotions. Also it has been said that grief wears a lot of disguises. My mother is in the middle.

Mother facing me, Acrylic on Board 38X46

   This is a picture where I am face to face with my mother. I always wondered if she were still alive what would I talk with my mother about. The three heads of me represent my anxiety and emotions. The line markings in the back represent the chaos of my feelings.

Rising from the Ashes, Acrylic on board 38x46

There was a brief point in my life where I felt I had battled all my demons. It was a beautiful and brief time. But I am happy that I find peace even for a while.

Me in the Jungle, Acrylic on board 38X46

   Sometimes I feel like a madman walking through a nightmarish forest. I am currently trying to play with the idea of faces as landscape elements. So the faces are stuck on the bodies of trees. The backgrounds squiggles represent the chaos of the forest..

Mom and Me at Montemuza Castle, Acrylic on board 38X46

    Before my mom died my family and I went to Montemuza's Castle. I remember this as the last road trip we all held together. In the back is a very abstract version of Montemuza's Castle. I felt like Montemuza's Castle in itself was an eerie final road trip. We were visited an old ancient building, and there was my mom who was soon to be a memory of the past. In front of the monument is my mother. On the side is three versions of my self screaming.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Big Holler, Acrylic on board 36X36

I'm sorry for the photo earlier. This picture is called The Big Holler because sometimes I get so angry or frustrated I want to scream.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Self Portrait series

Crowded Self, Acrylic on Board 46X38
3 Heads, Acrylic on Board 36X36

One Scream out of a Million People, Acrylic on board 46X38
My paintings are about my mother’s death and my mental health following the event. My mom passed away four years ago which left me devastated. I grieved sometimes through the obvious sadness, but also by masking the sadness by being too happy.. Often when I am depressed I feel overwhelmed and trapped. I choose to separate spaces into panels in some of my pictures to suggest spaces that are enclosed and claustrophobic
          Artistically I abstractly depict figures through distortion and subjective color.  I view the world through my surreal emotions. I believe that representational art would not capture this feeling. My emotions are multi-faceted. I choose to depict hundreds of figures to describe the craziness. Often I feel over excited. Life can be very busy, and be overwhelming. I use chaotic line markings in the background suggest this. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mom Floating in Space, Acrylic on board

   This painting is about how I watched my mom die. It took me years to paint about this event in my life because of how painful it was. I heard my mom scream from her room. I ran and opened the door, and found her lying in her bed with a blood hemorrhage. She was nearly dead but she had a faint pulse for about five minutes and then she died. I have philosophized for years what this moment felt for my mom. There was an ethereal presence to her during those lost moments .I wondered how it felt for her to leave the earth and to go towards heaven. I thought about that suspended moment between leaving. In this picture she is floating like almost being in a suspended space. The blue suggests the sadness of her dying. The chaotic line markings and the portraits of me in the diptych below are about my crazy grieving process.