Favorite artists

Favorite artists.
Caricatures particularly Entertainment Weekly. I remember at 17 being fascinated by the caricature work in the magazine.

Gronk. Muralism was a big influence on my work 17 to now. Chicano Moratorium is one of the best artworks ever!

The work inside The Buried Mirror by Carlos Fuentes: I took a humanities class that rocked my world at community college. Hands down one of my top three classes. I was 19. Mexican-American murals were at the time biggest artistic inspiration. The book intelligently mixed Aztec art, Spanish art and the paintings of Carlos Almaraz. Jose Luis Cuevas and Claudio Coello left an impression on me as well.

Folkert De Jong: I remember flipping through this book a year ago at a library when I was bored. The art was bold and trippy. I forgot the artist. The images never left my mind. Then a year later I unintentionally surfed the web and found the artist. As of now my favorite artist

Clayton Bailey: Wacky really goofy art that combines art, horror, and science that makes me smile.
Richard Tuttle: I checked a dvd of him out from the library.. I didn't even see it. My brother, also an artist said "Wow man that artist that you checked out was awesome!" I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I turned on the dvd. The art is the antithesis of my art(which is busy). It's minimalism that is even more minimalism

Telos art books: Telos produces the most beautiful textile art books out there! Love the ones about Chiyoko Tankaka, Kay Sekimachi, Kyoto Kumai and Kyoung Ae Cho

Florine Stettheimer: I learned about her in my feminism art class. Really light and fluffy artwork.

Minerva Teichert: My mom was a devout Mormon. She had paintings of Minerva Teichert all around the house growing up. I really appreciate her loose and light style

Goya: Goya's The Disaster of War and Los Caprichos are amongst the best prints ever.

Anselm Kiefer elevates and transcends painting to an epic and spiritual level. Few painters can do this
Mario Merz: Favorite Arte Povera artist. Mario Merz love his mixed media paintings with neon and animals

Larry Poons: A professor said I might like this artwork. He was right. The layers and layers of acrylic paint are astounding! Really cool textures

David Gilhooly: Really cool sculptures combining frogs and animals. I remember seeing some at ASU Ceramics Museum and being floored. Great work!

Leonard Baskin-I saw his art mentioned on an art blog and was thought his art was beautiful. There is a beautiful rawness to his work.

Josie Taglienti- She was my figure drawing teacher in community college. I learned from her not only how to draw the human figure but to feel it. You can see that philosophy in her work.

Walter Tandy Murch-I love this artists work. His pieces are very ghostly and haunting.