Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Soldiers of Love" series

Two finished panels

The book cover

I had a temporary job at Bookmans mainly doing simple tasks like dusting the shelves and alphabetizing. While I was dusting I was fixated by this book cover. I saw it repeatedly for the three months I worked there. I was like "Wow. I have got to paint a bunch of medieval soldiers wearing this type of uniform."I dug the mail outfit. I thought the outfit would make fantastic intricate line marking.

With each series I try to make the figures have their own vocabulary. A distinctive way I approach the eyes or the lips. Although my art is already cartoony, I wanted it to be extra cartoony. Something between Keebler elf and Flintstones.

 I sketched lots of different weapons in their hands. The more I sketched the more I realized I didn't want the soldiers to be fighting. I preferred the soldiers to be friendly. They are holding the heart shape with their hands but also their feet.

Months ago I was reading a photography book 50 Contemporary Photographers You Should Know. The book was a short and informative book to quickly flip through. I was enthralled by the work of Richard Mosse. He photographed wartime. Except he used a type of photography that would turn green into red and pink. The photos are almost surreal and otherworldly. I wanted to attempt it but not have that same effect. It ended up looking silly.  Instead of painting and drawing leaf shapes on the bushes I wanted to bring out the shapes in the bush without rendering them. I decided to use the ends of balloons. I like the fruit loop and whimsical like look to them. 

Richard Mosse photograph

I've always wanted to do a big painting with tons of panels. A painting that would consists of fifty to a hundred panels gathered around a room. . One panel by itself is cute. But a bunch of these together, that's epic. .I remember being in a museum once with a panorama painting. Panoramic paintings were the cinema of its time. A majestic painting around the whole room. I hope to achieve that same effect with this series.

Paintings in Progress

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Rebirth show at AZ4PR, Third Friday

This was a Third Friday show at AZ4PR. The show was to help donate to Puerto Ricans.

Me behind "Oversaved 5"

Me behind my piece "Oversaved 1"

Me behind "Oversaved 2"

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Nasty Women: Women Unite

I donated two paintings to the cause. There were a lot of talented female artists at the show.
I did two pictures that were studies of Minerva Teichert. I chose her as a subject because she is an under recognized female artists. Known to Mormons abut not really outside.

Me by other art work

Me by my Minerva Teichert studies

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ovesaved 1, 36X36, Acrylic on canvas

Oversaved 1, 36x36, Acrylic on canvas

Brigham Young said "No man can be oversaved." The idea of being oversaved intrigued me. For me, Joseph Smith is an enigmatic icon. The figure is an abstracted Josep Smith. He is being dunked with water. In the background are Joseph Smith spirit babies. They are holding watering cans. In the background are designs for seraphims which are like angels.

The progress of making Oversaved 1

Monday, January 1, 2018

Sticky Lagoons Show at Practical Art

I have a solo show at Practical Art (5070 N Central Avenue) 7PM-9PM January 5th First Friday.