Monday, August 5, 2013

Spirit Baby series all 4X6s

Spirit Baby 3, Acrylic on board, 4X6

Spirit Baby 2, Acrylic on board, 4X6

Spirit Baby 3, Acrylic on board, 4X6
Growing up as a Mormon I was taught that before all people are born on earth we lived in a preexistence and were “spirit children” of God before our physical birth. I always imagined spirit children as babies possessing infinite wisdom like elderly people. The babies in these paintings are like mini-adults wearing oversized glasses to represent their wisdom. I never thought these spirit children would be sad or serious. For me the idea of being in an existence before birth is playful and fun. By portraying spirit babies in a less serious manner I am offering a carefree and lighthearted take on life before birth.


  1. Hi, your artwork is very colorful and original, i like your style! Cheers! :)