Friday, June 3, 2011

Mom and Me at Montemuza Castle, Acrylic on board 38X46

    Before my mom died my family and I went to Montemuza's Castle. I remember this as the last road trip we all held together. In the back is a very abstract version of Montemuza's Castle. I felt like Montemuza's Castle in itself was an eerie final road trip. We were visited an old ancient building, and there was my mom who was soon to be a memory of the past. In front of the monument is my mother. On the side is three versions of my self screaming.


  1. Just dropping a line to tell you that I came over to check out your painting =)

  2. me encanta la cara y la expresión de esta mujer! favulosas pinturas llenas de color y subrealismo!